Bad habit of to-be-become fathers

Love is very loving and fantastic and when it bloomed with a marriage. Then it becomes more romantic and powerful. So when these new couples are expecting their baby (may be this is common for older couples than new couples) does this pure and romance exist yet?

Some can say of course yes! My husband is the best hubby ever. He helps me in every way he can and comfort me in my every bad mood. But every expecting mother can say this? Well, no. Some experience this pregnancy period as one of the difficult time periods of their lives s they won’t get any or sufficient support from their partner. She may has to do all the house hod chores alone. She has to leave for work and do all the things alone. But what if he can just help a little bit in these or may be hang around with her while she is doing the work at least? That would be really nice and romantic, wouldn't it?

Why on earth the partner can’t be the same loving and caring person while you guys are in love and while you are pregnant? This is a question that most of the expecting mothers has.

If the partner may be by planning or accidentally gave you the perfect gift of a baby, then it is one of the greatest responsibility of him to look after his baby’s mother as much as he can.

In these pregnant period mothers do sacrifice lot of things. Sleep, food, good and fit health, beauty, happiness, and may be day-to-day work also. So this is kind of a big deal and when some ones there to help you in these situation that would feel great. But without being with her, say the partner/ husband going on trips and enjoy his life as he is still a bachelor, how bad that could be?

She is suffering and he is enjoying. That does not feel good. If both can sacrifice a little and can take care of each other, this difficult situation would be far more great than it is. There may be problems, financial difficulties, work place problems. But both of you can manage things by a little talk and with cute cuddles. She may not need big things. A little time of yours may be enough for her.

If any to-be-become a father read this article and can love your wife and be with her more than you do now, then the intention of wring this article can said to be fulfilled.

So be the strength of her and be this amazing husband and father ever without being selfish. It sounds great, isn’t it?



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